Saturday, 2 September 2006

What Dormouse did Next

As I'm in the UK, the search for a solution to hauling my quilts through the machine, was fairly easy.

There was no way we could afford a long-arm machine of any type; I didn't have a free table top so the Superquilter was out; I don't have a room long enough for the GMQ and an aluminium frame I saw at a quilt show (possibly the Handiquilter) was much too tall for me. I'm only just 5 feet!!

This left the Little Gracie II as the only possible candidate and one was duly ordered from The Cotton Patch. My Brother sewing machine had way too small a throat to really work and was dreadfully under-powered. I'd have liked one of those nice Nolting mini long-arm machines but no way could the budget stretch to that so, after trying a Pfaff Grand Quilter at Sandown Quilt Show, I settled for one of those. I must say it is a lovely machine and sews like a dream, I don't know how I managed without it.


  1. You will love having a machine on a frame it is a lot easier on your body than trying to move the quilt. HAve fun

  2. I'm hoping so. Wrestling with quilts should be an olympic sport.

    We've spent all day putting up the frame. The instructions suggest that it should take about 4 hours. I think this is the fastest time that their crack team of trained installers mananged after weeks of training. We're both usually pretty good at putting things together but this things is taking forever. Maybe tomorrow we'll get it finished.