Sunday, 24 September 2006

Freezer paper fun

I had a great day doing the applique on the doggy quilt. I invested in some freezer paper and Steam a Seam 2 and threw myself into it. It was so much fun. I was amazed, I've never really explored applique before except for machining some big hearts and flowers on to Emily's cot quilt and was quite nervous to begin with but very quickly I got totally engrossed and the time just flew by. I can see me doing more of this type of work in future.

I've now got to sew around the edges, I may change my mind about liking this technique by the time I've finished that. My machine sewing is definitely not the most accurate ever. Oh well, practice makes perfect and all that. I can now sew pretty much in a straight line which I couldn't when I started quilting.


  1. Thanks for the comments about the picture in Popular Patchwork: it is a real thrill to see it there.

    I hope the dogs are coming on nicely.