Saturday, 2 September 2006

In the beginning

Having been a keen reader of other people's blogs, I thought I'd give witing my own a go.

Having been hopeless at anything to do with sewing all my life and not having an artistic bone in my body, 5 years ago I found myself attempting to make a cot quilt for my new nephew. I had been talked into this by a friend during a trip to Las Vegas. She had added quilting to her many and varied hobbies and we were to meet up with an internet friend of hers at a local shop. During this visit they somehow persuaded me to buy a panel of little pictures and some other fabrics to match. When I protested that I couldn't cut or sew straight to save my life, they bought me a copy of Jan Mullen's Cut Loose Quilts.

Back home my friend lent me her old sewing machine, bought for me a rotary cutter and cutting mat and gave me a crash course in not cutting off my fingers. Somehow it all got sewn together and I hand quilted round the figures, finishing it just in time for my nephew's first birthday.

I said 'never again' but I'd got so used to sewing in the evenings that I found I missed it and pretty soon started a small lap quilt for a friend who was going through a very rough time. That was it... I was hooked.


  1. Have you thought about fixing the links in the sidebar area of your Blog? (i.e. EDIT-ME)

  2. Thank you Hedgehog. There seems to be a lot of woodland creatures here. :)

    I think I picked a bad time to start, the camera still won't download it's pictures and it's the pictures that make blogs so much fun.