Thursday, 21 September 2006

9 patches

Blogger seems to be cooperating today. This is a very small selection of the 9 patches. I can't find a way of keeping them all together and getting far enough away to take the picture.

I've since managed to get them all pressed, without burning myself this time which is a plus and they are all laid out on the bed. I keep moving them around trying to find the best combination but so far I'm not finding one I'm happy with. I suppose I shouldn't be worrying so much over a pile of buckshee squares.

I've been finding it hard to settle today. I had to go up to the school to see the Doctor about Y which I was a bit stressed about. I shouldn't have worried so much, she was someone we've seen before and was very helpful and reassuring. Yet again we went through all the tests for Aspergers Syndrome but she actually seemed to be listening and taking notes. The meeting lasted over 1 1/2 hours, which was amazing, and after spending time with him she seems to be agreeing that he isn't autistic. The doctor with her seemed to think that because his ADHD is so extreme it is making learning social skills very difficult. They still don't seem to have any idea how to help him but at least they're not just assuming autism the way the school have. Y was quite smiley and made eye contact with both doctors and once he'd stopped being shy, was quite animated and funny which helped show them the 'real' him. I'm quite hopeful about it all.


  1. Oooooh these look yummy. They awill make a fantastic quilt.

  2. I'm liking them lots, still can't decide on a layout. The colours are gorgeous.