Tuesday, 12 September 2006

More woes and a trip out

Following on from taking a tumble in the bathroom I managed to give myself a couple of very nasty burns with the squasher, otherwise known as an Elna press. First I touched the top of my hand against the plate when rearranging material and then turned around and pressed my elbow up against it. Despite running them for hours under cold water I still got some nice big blisters to show everyone. Unfortunately I've mananged to knock my elbow against everything and now instead of a nice neat blister I've got a huge supparating grossness. No fun at all.

To cheer me up MIL begged and pleaded with me to drive her to Sturminster Newton so she could have a wander round Hansons Fabric. Obviously I would have rather carried on sorting the huge pile of paperwork that hubby needs for his taxes but I was selfless and agreed to take her. I was actually very restrained and only bought things for immediate projects. A metre of fabric printed with very nice looking cabbages which will combine with a ton of fruit and veg themed squares to make something for my Dad and 3 quarters of black on white for a cute dog pattern that my friend bought for me in America. I don't 'DO' patterns or cute but it is very sweet. My boys are queueing up wanting it so I'm sure it will find a good home.


  1. What a cute quilt!! And yes, you ARE a hero! :o)

  2. The WestCountryBuddha13 September 2006 at 10:30

    I've enjoyed finding and reading your blog! I was very interested in the Gracie and your Pfaff, as I had pondered buying one or the other myself (I have a pfaff and love the duel feed) I was at a talk recently by Pauline Burbidge who has a gracie and loves it. Quite an investment though.

  3. It was a lot of money but so far I'm loving it. I haven't enjoyed quilting this much in ages and I'm thinking up projects far faster than I can make them which can only be a good sign.

  4. Hope you're all done with accidents now. I never seem to have just one either.

  5. Accidents hopefully still come in three's in which case this set is all over. :D

    I've got tonsilitis though and sound like Janet Street-Porter for some weird reason. Much to the hilarity of everyone else.