Tuesday, 5 September 2006

Owls, otters and deers - oh my!

We had the most wonderful day at the Otter and Owl Centre. The rain held off and all the animals were very active. I think the only things we didn't see were the hedgehogs and the weasel. The asian otters ran around like mad things, wrestling and squeaking all the time. The boys were completely enchanted by everything but the polecats and field mice were particularly cute. For the first time we got a really close look at the lynx. He'd recently been fed and was still crunching away on the last bit of his chicken, right by the fence, when we got there. Y fell in love with a small, rather portly deer that came to say hello and stood for ages rubbing it's chin while it closed it's eyes in bliss and leaned against him. Poor kid, the deer must have weighed more than twice what he does but he was determined not to move. Unfortunately MIL donwloaded the photos but almost none of them have come out well enough to post. most are so blurred you can't tell what they were of.

All in all a nice end to the holidays. I've really enjoyed having them home this time, school seemed to come round way too fast. E was sad that we didn't get his quilt finished completely. My fault really becasue I've been playing with the frame. Hopefully for his first day back he won't get too much homework and we can do it tonight.

The evil hounds seemed pleased to get their routine back. The moment they spotted the school bags they started skipping round and were waiting at the door way before we were ready. Didn't see Jayne who we usually walk with so headed off on our own and had a nice hour wandering round the fields. Saw a few people we haven't seen since the holidays started which was nice.

Got back planning to get on and 'do stuff' but I'm having a hard job feeling motivated. The empty house feels weird. Both Phill and MIL are out and with no kids making noise it seems very quiet. The other problem is that I 'should' be doing the huge pile of washing up and what I actually want to do is get the string quilt on Gracie and have another play. I'm trying to make a deal with myself, one bowl of washing up and then one hour of playing but it's not working. The internet is also an evil distraction.

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