Wednesday, 10 January 2007

Surely I should have more time now?

With the boys back at school and my husband off to Amsterdam I surely should have time to sit down and do some sewing. Instead I find myself cooking and doing a bit of tidying and watching bad TV. I need the kind of focus that Ferret has. I did however remember to take some photos of Y's string quilt while the camera was playing nice. He's been wrapping it around him while sitting playing on the Playstation. I do love to see them being used like that.


  1. I think the kind of focus I have is called obsessive :) I did get rather a lot of visitors today. Robin cam dangerously close, 10,005!

    You could either join the meme, or would you be interested in swapping artworks with me?

  2. OH, and cool quilt :) I like quilts to be used too. I don't keep them for best, I use them.

  3. That quilt is beautiful. I love the bright colors. I haven't made a really bright quilt in a long time and I am itching to get started on one. Just a few projects I need to finish, then I am going for it!

  4. Ferret: It's a good kind of obsessive though and majorly productive.

    I was only teasing about keeping visiting so that I would win it. I was actually trying to make new blogger work properly so I used your blog as my guinea pig. It would have been funny if Robin had won it though.

    I plucked up my courage and I'm signing up for your meme. I'm kind of worried that my stuff isn't good enough or arty enough but I keep drooling over everyone else's stuff so it's time I got myself into gear.

    Laurie Ann: Thanks. I was pleased with the way it turned out but a couple of friends insist that it's not bright it's loud and nasty. Ah well, loud and nasty makes me smile. :)

  5. The WestCountryBuddha13 January 2007 at 09:06

    Wow, the orange bits in this really sing out - fab.