Wednesday, 24 January 2007

I was tagged

Ferret tagged me to come up with 5 facts about myself that wasn't known. I was horrified to discover that I couldn't think of anything that was interesting but after she sent me a useful list of topics to think about and chatting to a friend about it I've come up with the following:-

1. I'm 4'11 1/2" but I always tell people I'm 5' because it sounds taller.

2. I love women's body-building and 2 years ago was starting to train seriously for a competition when I developed some major rotator-cuff problems and then wrecked my knee really badly. Since then the only exercise I've had has been walking the dogs and I've put on nearly 4 stone. (The shame!!!!)

3. Despite not even being a Christian I'm going to be sending my son to a Roman Catholic Secondary School because it has the best reputation locally for kids with special educational needs. Could be interesting.

4. We live in a dilapidated late Victorian detached house which is constantly in a state of complete chaos due to all of us being almost pathologically untidy. By the sound of it we also have the twin of Ferret's book collection. When the book cases in the downstairs hallway had to be moved because of shredding puppies we boxed up those and put them in the attic so now that is full of books too. Pretty much every room has book-cases and we have way more books than the existing shelves can cope with and there are now piles of books too. I need the Life Laundry or whatever that show was called to come and sort us out.

5. I'm going to die alone with about 100 cats according to an Internet survey that links over use of smileys and terms such a ROFL to this eventual demise. Even more tragic was that my first thought was 'If I've got 100 cats I'm not exactly alone.' ;)

6. I'm possibly the most boring person in the history of the world... and I can't count either.

I'm not sure who to tag next, everyone seems to have done this one. I'll have a read through all the blogs I follow and see if I can find someone who's not 'been done'.

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  1. Funny about the books, I've got loads as well.