Saturday, 6 January 2007

And some more pictures

Since Xmas eve I haven't done anything at all but Ally had a New Year clear out and gifted me with all the fabric and patterns that she no longer wanted. The was a ton of gorgeous stuff and so I'm honour bound to make something lovely now.

One of the things were these beautiful batik squares

which I thought would make a great border for this string quilt which she has been coveting since I started making it.

I need to find some more the the purple that I used for the sashing. I was convinced that I had another large piece for the first border but having sorted through absolutely everything I don't and it really calls for it. Oh no! I feel a shopping trip coming on.


  1. Some of those squares look really nice. What a nice friend.

  2. Wow! Luck you with all those great batiks. Now what will you do with them?? I can't wait to see.

  3. She's my very best friend. It's her fault I got into quilting in the first place. For me the interest has stayed but she's moved on to beading and scrapbooking and really doesn't quilt any more.

    As well as the batiks there was a ton of fabric and a lot of patterns. Most of those are for miniature quilts though and I like things BIG.

  4. Those batik squares are very very covetable - they will look wonderful with that string quilt - can't wait to see it completed

  5. Thanks for that info Kate. I'll be checking her out straight away.

    How could I resist one of those postcards. I'll send you my addy. :D

  6. Wow i would love to see the finished peice with the batiks peices on :)