Tuesday, 30 January 2007

I've got the flu

I've got flu. Not just a nasty cold but proper, full on influenza. I nursed the boys through it and then got it myself. 2 days with a temperature of 102, shakes, aches, blinding headache and delirious dreams and now a wracking cough that doesn't stop until I'm nearly sick and I'm feeling like I've been run over by a truck. The boys are much the same but about 3 days ahead of me.
It's poor E's 13th birthday tomorrow and it should have been a big celebration with all the family, instead we're going to be sitting at home drinking lemsip and feeling sorry for ourselves.
Blegh, I need a hug.
Obviously I've been totally unproductive but I did finally get photos of Ally's 40th birthday quilt, only 2 years late, so I'll share them instead. This was the one I found the hardest to give away. It is a quillow with flannel backing so it's really cuddly and the colours fitted in my bedroom so well.


  1. Take care of that cold. You should probably check with a Dr to make sure that cough isn't bronchitis. That won't go away without medication. I can see why you had a hard time giving away that quilt. It's beatiful.

  2. That is a nice quilt! Did you buy the blues specially, or were they scraps?

  3. Thanks Joyce. I'm keeping an eye on the cough as I've had a couple of nasty chest infections and I don't want that again.

    Penny. They were all scraps and leftovers from my Mum and Dad's Anniversary quilt with a splash of red and a few bluey purples that came from Ally's scrapbag. I bought two fat quarters because I thought I was going to run out but I never used them. The white is from a very old cotton sheet and the backing was a white flannel sheet from a charity shop.