Wednesday, 31 January 2007

Birthday boy

It's E's 13th birthday today. There should be wonderful pictures of the cake my Mum made for him. It was a race track complete with candle cars and a gold trophy candle. She spent 2 days on it and did a marvelous job. It is, unfortunately, inside the tummy's of 3 very smug looking dogs who can apparently jump 6 feet vertically when it's made worth their while. Buggrem, buggrit. I'm right down the list of top mothers right now, Granny is however high on the top grannys list for bringing back chocolate eclairs from town as consolation.

Don't they look guilty?


  1. Oh no, poor things - both him and you! Sounds like an amazing cake... I'm afraid my little one (birthday on Monday) is making do with a supermarket Smarties cake - which is ok, he saw it today when the nice Ocado Man brought the shopping and was very excited. Glad he doesn't know that things like your racetrack cake exist!

  2. Happy Brithday to him for Monday.

    We usually have a bought one, I'm not much good at cake making.

    For his party tonight I bought a big chocolate one from Tesco.

  3. Oh no! Bad doggies!! They do look pretty guilty and maybe a little nauseous too.

  4. Yes, they definitely look guilty! Hopefully the upset tummies will teach them something- although in my experience with dogs, it usually doesn't!
    I sent you an email a day or two ago, did it not get to you? I'm definitely up for a swap!
    If you didn't get my email, try me at