Thursday, 19 October 2006

Presents from Japan

I was so busy yesterday that I forgot to put up the pictures of the presents hubby bought back from Japan. He didn't get any actual shopping time so grabbed some boxes of cakes and crackers from the airport.

They do look very pretty but most of them are very dry bean curd things or weird jelly stuff with things inside it. I've been cheerfully handing out samples to everyone who expresses an interest. Well, it's polite to share and we're certinly not going to be eating them. I haven't found anyone who likes them yet.

The different sorts of rice crackers were really nice so I'm keeping them. Except for the cracker shaped things with the green and white top, which turned out to be strongly anchovy tasting... but sweet, with sugar on top!!! I have never spat anything out so quickly in my life. Drop me a line if you'd like to try these amazing delicacies and I'll send them to you. :)


  1. It's always fascinating to get things to eat from another country - biscuits and cakes are usually a safe bet - especially if you have a sweet tooth like me but sweet anchovies mmmmmm interesting conbination - glad your dh got home safely :o)

  2. Every summer we have girls from Japan stay with us for a week. They always bring interesting things to try. Some are great, some not. But none sound as gross as that sweet anchovy thingy you described. Yuck!! I was looking at your past posts. How did that dog quilt turn out? I want to make one like that for a humane society donation quilt. And Bracken, Teazle and Sophie look sweet. I am assuming they a golden, a flatcoat and a curly coated retrievers?

  3. Hi Laurie Ann. The dog quilt is still ongoing. I ran out of Steam a Seam and ended up having to get it on the internet. I started it again yesterday so hopefully will have pictures very soon.

    It is called Hot Dogs and is pattern #779 from Sew Special Designs. However if you'd like I can pass this one on to you once I'm finished with it.

    You are close with the breeds. Sophie is a curly/lab cross but with her wavy coat looks like a heavy set flattie.

    Anne - are you sure you wouldn't like me to send you some to sample????? :D

    You are very close with