Wednesday, 4 October 2006

Boys quilt too

After a huge delay, for which I feel very guilty, I'm finally putting the polar fleece on the back of E's quilt. He did a wonderful job on making his quilt. He chose the fabric and pattern himself and sewed it. I did the cutting and after he stuck himself with a pin, I did the rest of the pinning when required.

I know the picture is on it's side but the quilt looks much the same either way and Blogger doesn't seem to like the 'turned round' version. Too weird.


  1. I love the quilt!! Congrats to him. How big is it?

  2. It's 176cm by 127cm. He's very proud to see a picture of his quilt on the internet. :)

  3. Awe that is such a lovely quilt and the colours are so perfect!