Thursday, 5 October 2006

It's been a funny sort of a day

I'm failing miserably at settling down to anything today. There a tons of things that I 'should' be doing but so far I've only suceeded in reading the new Pratchett book and keeping an appointment at the hospital to complete yet another questionaire. We agreed to take part in some major research project into ADHD and lately seem to have spent an inordinate time filling in the most boring questionaires possible. Ah well, maybe it'll help someone eventually.

Things are odd at home too. my husband is away working, Y is away with the school, MIL is away on holiday and E is home with a cold. I've been lying on the setee reading while he sits on the floor playing Ratchett and Clank. Cozy and domestic or what?
I'm thinking that he got sick just so he could stay home and cuddle his new quilt.


  1. I hope everyone is better now.

  2. Sometimes I feel that way, too. BTW, I love the quilt...I've been wondering what to do for a boy! It's cool!