Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Lots of cooking

Went out for a walk on Monday and picked a lot of fruit to make jam with. Doesn't it look pretty?

Not quite so pretty once boiled down.

Strained it over-night then boiled it up.

And made beautiful jam.

Then I used up some milk from the reduced section and made paneer cheese, flavoured with herbs and garlic. I didn't think to take pictures of it until it was almost gone.

I also made sunflower seed and honey bread, 3 different types of bread rolls, home-made pizza, lasagne and raspberry flapjacks. All of which were eaten before I thought about photos. They were delicious though.


  1. Wow you have been busy. And i love your list of food. I LURVE lasange.
    I am impressed you made your own cheese and Jam.
    I have never made Jam. but have always said i will. It will be one of things i make next Autumn though ;)
    Can you believe how cold it is!
    Hey did get any of that bad rain last week?

  2. It's been freezing. We were seriously considering putting the heating on.

    The rain was crazy. I'm glad we live at the top of a hill. If we flooded the rest of the town would have gone already along with most of the south of England. :)

  3. The is a picture of a Dormouse on "Devon country" magazine, every time i walk past it reminds me of you :) :)
    X X X