Tuesday, 13 March 2007


While the weather lasts there will be no blogging because there will be no sewing. I'll be out hacking back the jungle and attempting to reclaim some outdoor space. Somewhere up there is a fire-pit and a nice round picnic table which I need to find. Then I can sit and drink my wine and watch all the stuff I've cut down burning merrily.

I know that come the summer I'll be glad I did it but right now my back aches and my shoulders are agony.

I did get a chance to escape at the weekend and we went down to Wells and on the way checked out Midsomer Quilting. Nice little shop and very friendly people. It was a gorgeous day and a beautiful drive too. Highly recommended if anyone's in the area. All I bought was some rotory cutter blades, I'm very proud of my restraint.


  1. So lots of quilting today and the rest of this week then :)

    I'm sorry I love the colder weather, I am sure you will get the sun back soon.

  2. Midsomer Quilting are coming to our April meeting of Somerset County Quilters next month - lots of lovely goodies to buy - very nice shop and lovely people :o)

  3. Hows the gardening going?

    We've got some tomatoes and some peppers sprouting, and huge loads of daffodils.

  4. Gardening is going surprisingly well despite the freezing cold and howling winds.

    Everything is pretty much hacked into submission and most of the perennial weeds are gone.

    There's lots of annoying stuff left to do like replacing the log roll edging but that can wait until it's warmer.

    We got loads of daffs and hyacinths this year and the big evergreen clematis is totally covered in flowers.