Wednesday, 7 March 2007

Birthday trip

I finally finished unpicking all the triangles and we escaped to London for a couple of days.

My husband bought us tickets to Avenue Q for my birthday and we made it a proper trip, left the kids with the MIL and got to be grown-ups for a while.

Had a good old wander round the National Gallery, having been inspired by Ferret's visits. Some of the older paintings were wonderful but I was surprised to find myself distinctly underwhelmed by the exhibition of more modern masters, Van Gogh, Monet, Renoir etc. They seemed rather dull and lifeless which I wasn't expecting.

Had a nice meal in China Town and headed for the show. We had wonderful seats , slap bang in the middle and about 7 rows back which gave us a perfect view. We had a great time and giggled ourselves stupid.

The next day we visited the British Museum, somewhere I hadn't been for years and then headed home in time to collect the kids from school.

Tomorrow we're off to Crufts so no sewing for a while.

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