Thursday, 5 January 2012

Why does everything go wrong at once?

First the telephone stopped working and we are waiting for an engineer sometime next week. Then, while clearing out one of the kitchen cupboards, we discovered that it was collapsing and needed urgent repair work to stop a disaster. My husband struggled manfully, holding up the cupboard while fixing the legs and I wiped things down. Went to rinse out my microfibre cloth and discovered there was no hot water. Yep, the boiler has packed in and so we have no heating either. The earliest British Gas can get out to us is Monday. Oh joy!

Adding to the annoyance, the kettle is being temperamental and only working when it feels like it, the cooker is refusing to light and I'm having to use matches, the cancerous lump in Sophie's ear has started bleeding which is probably the beginning of the end and E's girlfriend can no longer live with her half-sister and wants to stay here 'temporarily'.


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