Wednesday, 18 March 2009

I've been gardening

We've been tackling the mess that is our top garden. To be honest it looks a lot worse than when we started but the broken arch has been dismantled and lots of dead stuff collected up and put ready for a bonfire. Digging out all the dandelions has been killing my back though. I'm finding excuses not to bend over now.

As well as a ton of frog-spawn in the pond there were four big frogs and a teeny-tiny little one. There are three hiding out in the kingcup. (Click for a bigger picture.)

While we cleaned out the mice they were put in the old fish tank. I thought this would give me a better chance of photographing them. Out of about 400 pictures I think 10 actually had mice in them and about 5 of them were almost in focus.
This is Charliemouse.

Sprite (and Bandit in the food bowl)
and Bandit again.
Teazle was fascinated by them.


  1. You know my hatred for rodents with tails ;)but Sasha is the cutest mouse i have seen.

    I miss having a garden.

  2. I have to say that they are outragously adorable. They really like the fish food flakes that the goldfish get and come racing to the bars of the cage with their little whiskers whirring and their noses twitching, waiting for me to give them some.

    Their tails are so silky and they like to sit up and wash them all the way to the tip, holding them in their little paws.