Wednesday, 22 November 2006

Sorry I've been missing in action for so long. I was mown down by a huge dog running at top speed (not one of mine!) and busted up my knee really badly. Ah well a fortnights bed rest sounded quite nice, except that I then caught an evil cold which, probably due to me being immobilised, turned into a chest and ear infection. Bless them, the family rallied round fantastically well, hubby was away for nearly half the time, as was MIL, and the boys fed themselves and the dogs and got themselves ready for school with rather less hassle than usual. I'm finally up and about but still hobbling tragically.

I have never watched so much TV in all my life. Within the first few days I had read everything on hand and then re-read a lot of stuff but I'm a fast reader and pretty much ran out of stuff. Ally came with quilting magazines and a ton of vids and DVD's so I've watched CSI, Stargate, Invasion, The 4400, Veronica Mars, Entourage, My Name is Earl, QI and Studio 60. For the first time in ages I can talk about TV shows other than Lost and House. :)

I also did some handquilting. I had one of Laurel Burch's Mystical Horses panels which I had no idea what to do with so I've added borders and have started handquilting it. I don't normally have the patience for hand sewing but I've been quite enjoying doing it. Ah boredom!!!

Sadly the little hedgehog didn't make it. He remained perky and eating well but one day last week seemed a little wobbly on his feet and was dead come morning, still curled up with his hot water bottle.

And finally a couple of photos.

Hiding from the cold and rain with a nice meal and a couple of bottles of wine in the Cinderella Restaurant at Disney.

Small sleeping hedgehog after a large dinner.


  1. Oh poor you! I'm glad you're feeling a bit better now.

    We've been watching Stargate on DVD as well: we're up to the end of Series 3 of Stargate 1.

  2. Hope your knee is better soon - inactivity can be nice sometimes, especially when you have young kids, but FORCED inactivity is another thing entirely!